Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

Nominations for the LDS Earth Stewardship Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce that LDS Earth Stewardship is growing. As part of that growth process, we are going to assemble our first Board of Directors. Anyone who is interested is welcome to apply. We are hoping to assemble a team of 7-11 dedicated individuals for our board.

Personal Background

Members of the board should have a passion for exploring the connections between Mormonism and the gospel principle of earth stewardship. Board members should have a desire to serve their larger community by advancing these principles.

Active membership in the LDS church is not required, but board members will be expected to have a harmonious and supportive public relationship with the church and its leaders while serving as a board member.

Board members do not need to live in Utah to apply.

Terms of Service

Each board member will be ratified by a vote from the general LDS Earth Stewardship membership (e.g. anyone who is a member of the LDS Earth Stewardship Google group and/or Facebook group). The current term of board membership is 1 year. Additional terms of service are allowed, but will require election or ratification by the general LDS Earth Stewardship membership.


Each member of the board must be willing to attend all 6 bi-monthly conference calls via Skype (held every other month on the 2nd Thursday of the month—the next one being Thursday, March 22nd at 8:00pm MST). In the event of extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from being able to attend, please notify the other members of the board as soon as possible. NOTE: You do not have to be an official board member to attend this conference call. Any general member of LDS Earth Stewardship organization is welcome to attend and participate. Meeting minutes will be posted in a public forum for the general membership to read and give feedback.

Members of the board will be in charge of making decisions about the future of the LDS Earth Stewardship organization (such as its mission, finances, and by-laws) and help plan future activities and initiatives. After the board has made a decision collectively, the meeting minutes and board decisions will be posted in a forum where all general members of the organization can read them and provide feedback. If a general LDS Earth Stewardship member disagrees with a decision that has been made by the board, he or she is welcome to voice that opinion to any member of the board and will be invited to attend the next Skype conference call to speak with the entire board in person.

Members of the board must be willing to spear-head or assist with at least 1 official LDS Earth Stewardship activity or initiative per year.

How to Nominate Yourself or Someone Else

We would like to invite anyone interested to either nominate yourself for consideration or nominate another individual who you think would be a good potential board member. When nominating individuals other than yourself, please do so with the individual’s prior knowledge and consent.

Nominations should be submitted by sending an email to sprout.lds.earth.stewardship@gmail.com on or before Saturday, February 25th. When submitting a nomination, please include a paragraph indicating theĀ  reasons you want to serve on the LDS Earth Stewardship board or an explanation of your reasons why you think the individual you are nominating would want to serve on the board. Please a brief description of their personal background, including any personal talents or professional skills that could be useful to the LDS Earth Stewardship organization.

Ratification and/or election of board members will occur online between Monday, February 27th and Saturday, March 3rd. All general LDS Earth Stewardship members are invited to participate.