Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

Public Outreach – Ron Hellstern

Are you tired of hearing that LDS members do not care about the Earth?  Or that we have little, or nothing to do with conserving energy, natural resources, and/or any green programs?  I know that the scriptures, and Church leaders, promote stewardship of the Earth as a gospel principle, and that we can all do our part in various ways to demonstrate our values and leadership in this endeavor.

We have been spending the last several months becoming a 501c3 non-profit organization.  The time has arrived for our membership to come alive and collectively promote stewardship of our planet Earth not only by our words, but by our actions.

I have been selected as the Vice-Chair with responsibilities over Public Outreach.  Obviously, one person cannot possibly serve an entire organization with members throughout the world.  But the potential is more than exciting.  We need to establish a committee to organize activities/programs which can be conducted by members throughout the world, by those in the Intermountain area (where Church population is the largest), and by individuals and families.  I realize that most of us may already have a Church calling/duty.  Many of us have multiple callings. But this is uniquely different.  We can develop ways to embellish our opportunities for good health, wise use of the Earth’s resources, caring for our own communities, and maybe even building our own little Edens.  We can do this via temporal and spiritual methods.  And consider the missionary opportunities!

The following list merely serves as a springboard for discussion.  Feel free to add to this list—and—volunteer to join this pioneering committee.  Your ideas, and assistance, will be critical to our success.

*Managing the blog postings: Checking content, etc.

*Creating monthly themes for programs/activities: Seasonal events, special needs for geographical areas, etc.

*Collaborating with organizations which promote similar values: Tree Utah, Intermountain Bioneers, Audubon, Utah Green Schools, etc.

*Field Trips for families & singles: Nature Centers, National Parks, Canoeing, Birding, etc.

*Media coverage: Managed directly by our Board, but can be promoted locally.

*Service activities:  Arbor Day tree plantings, native plant gardens, backyard bees & chickens, stream cleanups, etc.

*Education: Firesides, conferences, articles, Church talks, RS Enrichment, LDSES annual Fall Conference, email/blogs, water/energy conservation, etc.

I’ve developed an extensive list since I’ve been doing this for many years, but fresh ideas and many hands, will help ensure success and place our Church members in the role of leaders in Earth Stewardship.  Please join with us.  Contact me with questions, ideas, etc.

Ron Hellstern – Logan, Utah

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