Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

September Theme: Nurturing Awareness in the Next Generation

For the month of September, our Earth Stewardship theme will be Nurturing Awareness in the Next Generation. We will center our blog posts, activities, and discussions around how we can help the upcoming generation see the value of earth stewardship.

In keeping with that theme, I’d like to give a few possible Family Home Evening ideas for teaching about earth stewardship.

  • Learn the words to the primary song “The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden.” If you have a garden, work on harvesting it together as a family.
  • Have a lesson about the Word of Wisdom and talk about how it says to eat food in season. Figure out together what foods are in seasons in your area and work on planning an eco-friendly meal together.
  • Go for a nature hike or an outdoor picnic and talk about the different kinds of plants and animals you see along the way.
  • Pick up litter as a service project.
  • Teach a lesson about the Creation and have the children talk about which creations they are most grateful for. As a bonus activity, have the children do research about an endangered animal.
  • Try this fun activity about how oil spills work using cotton balls and ice cubes to teach the family.
  • Buy a bird feeder and learn about different kinds of birds in the area that might come to use it. For the family treat, you could sample some of the things that birds eat: seeds (sunflower seeds), worms (gummy worms), fish (Swedish fish), etc.
  • Start a compost bin together. (Steve has put some excellent posts about composting on this blog.)
  • Calculate your family’s Ecological Footprint using this calculator together. Discuss ways you could conserve carbon better together.

Feel free to share any ideas you have about teaching your own family how to be more aware of their own stewardship over the earth!