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Utah Green Schools

As a member of the Green Schools Committee for the Utah Society for Environmental Education, we initiated a new program in 2012 to acknowledge schools which were making strides toward reducing energy consumption and waste production, improving schoolyard habitat for wildlife, and promoting a healthy student environment.

Most schools are notorious for wasting energy and paper, and displaying school grounds that are devoid of birds and butterflies.  But there are some schools who are flagships in the fields of reducing maintenance budgets and encouraging the reconnection of children and nature.

The objective of the Utah Green Schools program is to encourage schools to take positive steps toward those goals, and to reward the teachers (or entire schools) who have been making positive strides in those areas.

I am attaching a document/application which any of you can take to your local school, or individual teachers, to encourage them to apply for this State Award.  If you don’t reside in Utah, search the internet for the Green Schools program in your State.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Ron Hellstern, Logan, Utah          redrockron@gmail.com

  • brandongerald says:

    Hey that is a great job your doing.  Schools must adopt and teach their students also to save energy and do not waste it. Students learn most from their teachers and hence teachers should take this initiative.

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