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2012 LDSES Board Election Results

I’m pleased to announce the results of the 2012 elections for the Board of Directors. We had 6 candidates: 3 new proposed Board members and 3 existing Board members who were up for re-election. All 6 candidates have been approved to serve on our Board with an overwhelming majority of the votes. So, we’d like to welcome Andy Carman, Rachel Whipple, and Shaun Hansen onto our Board for the next two years. And we’d like to congratulate George Handley, Ralf Grünke, and Stephanie Goodman-Chica for being re-elected to serve on the Board for another two years. We’re looking forward to another great year at LDS Earth Stewardship.

We want to make an effort to be as transparent as possible in how the elections were conducted this year, so if you are interested in how the election was conducted and certified, please keep reading.

The Elections and Nominations Committee

This year our Elections and Nominations Committee consisted of Peter Ashcroft and Alyssa Rock (two Board members who were not up for election this year) and two members of the general membership who volunteered to serve on the committee when they signed up as members earlier this year: Heather Belnap Jensen and David Osborn. We want to thank Heather and David for their valuable insights and feedback on the election and nominations process.

The committee evaluated all the individuals who expressed interest in serving on the Board. The committee also conducted a half hour interview over Skype with each individual. In that interview, the committee members asked the potential candidates several questions about how they wanted to contribute to the Board, how familiar they were with the organization’s goals and mission, whether they would be willing to communicate respectfully with other members of the Board, etc. After conducting those interviews, the committee made the final decision about whether to recommend the proposed candidates’ placement on the ballot.

As an FYI, if the candidates had not been approved by that process, our By-laws would have allowed them to still be placed on the ballot if they had been able to gather the required number of signatures from officially registered members of the organization (5 percent of the number of individuals who participated in the previous election).

How the Election Was Conducted

The election was conducted on Survey Monkey via email. All LDSES members who had registered prior to Saturday, November 25 were sent an email notification containing 1) a link to a voter information page describing the six candidates and 2) a link to vote. The link included in the email was specifically tied to the individual’s email address. This prevented individuals from voting twice or forwarding the link to another individual to vote. A second reminder email was sent in the middle of the election week to people who had not yet voted.

Everything went smoothly with the voting. We had 56 participants who voted in the election. All candidates were unanimously approved with the exception of one candidate, who received only 1 dissenting vote. As such, all six of the individuals who were on the ballot will take office in January. You can review the Full Election Results if you so desire.

How the Election Was Certified

After the election was conducted, a PDF of the results was sent to the Elections and Nominations Committee for their review and approval. The Committee approved the results unanimously. The election results were then given to the current Board of Directors for their review and approval. The Board of Directors also approved the results.

We want to thank all of the committees members who helped us run a smooth election. We’d also especially like to thank everyone who voted this year. We learned a lot of great lessons from this year’s election that will help next year’s election go even more smoothly. Thanks everyone!

  • Peter says:

    I just want to thank those who ran for election to the Board, those who voted, and especially Alyssa for managing the mechanics.  Very well done!