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Top Ten Reasons to Be Excited About LDS Earth Stewardship in 2013

Last weekend the LDSES Board of Directors met at a retreat to discuss our goals and objectives for 2013. In light of that meeting, I’m pleased to announce the top ten reasons why you should be excited to be a member of our group in 2013.


LDSES is going to sponsor activities every month that are centered around earth stewardship themes.

We are going to continue our tradition of having an LDS earth stewardship theme each month. Along with each theme, LDSES will sponsor a variety of activities (service projects, firesides, panel discussions, etc.) that anyone can participate in. Although some of our activities will take place along the Wasatch Front, we also plan to provide ways for our members outside of Utah to participate—either by providing access through the Internet or by creating an activity that can be done wherever anyone lives. A group of Board members will be meeting later this week to plan out the themes and activities for the next six months. If you’re interested in helping with activities in any way, please contact us!


LDSES is going to create earth stewardship calling resources and a general authority quote database.

In our Fall Membership meeting, many of our members expressed a desire for resources to weave earth stewardship themes into their respective callings. We’re going to begin assembling this resource this year. We also plan to create a database of quotes by general authorities about caring for the earth. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in helping with this project!


LDSES is going to revitalize the blog so that it is a more effective resource for church members who are interested in being better earth stewards.

Several of our board members are going to work on making sure the blog is better coordinated this year so that it will have fresh content on a regular basis. This year, the blog will have three components: 1) an exploration of LDS theology of earth stewardship, 2) information about how to make your home and personal life more green, 3) a thoughtful, non-partisan discussion about key current events and issues related to caring for the earth. Our goal is to be a resource to help church members decide how they can personally be better earth stewards in their communities. If you are interested in being part of blogging team, please contact us!


LDSES is going to invite current and emeritus general authorities to speak about earth stewardship topics.

Many current and emeritus general authorities have been involved with stewardship projects throughout the state of Utah and beyond. Our hope is to invite these general authorities to speak about their involvement in these kinds of initiatives in 2013. We hope that this will help the broader church membership to see how central earth stewardship is to LDS doctrine.


The LDSES Board of Directors is committed to fostering better communication with the general LDSES members and increasing their participation in the organization.

2012 was a busy year for the LDSES Board of Directors. We spent several months creating our policies and procedures as well as preparing the legal documents that are required to become a non-profit organization. Because we spent a lot of time talking together as a Board and completing these important tasks, we sometimes neglected to stay in regular communication with our members. This year, we are committed to finding ways to invite members to attend Board meetings and consistently report the decisions and conversations that take place in Board meetings. We are going to follow President Hinckley’s model of inviting participation in our organization by giving everyone a job to do, making sure they have friends in the organization, and ensuring they are nurtured by the good word of God.


LDSES is going to become an official 501(c)(3) non-profit this year!

Thanks to a generous contribution from the Handley Foundation, we have raised enough money to file for non-profit status this year. This process will take about 8 months to complete. When we are finished, you’ll be able to count all donations to our organization in 2013 as a tax-deductible charitable contributions—even contributions before official IRS approval has been obtained. If you want to support our work financially, you can make a donation using our Paypal link on the left sidebar.


LDSES is going to create international chapters in Europe and South America.

We are going to work on creating international chapters that will be tasked with growing membership in their area. These chapters will work on translating LDSES materials into Spanish and other languages so that we can begin to have a stronger international presence. If you are interested in helping with an international chapter, please contact us today!


We’re going to conduct a new poll about LDS attitudes toward earth stewardship.

In 2008, Peter Ashcroft worked with a team to take a poll of LDS attitudes toward earth stewardship. We’ve posted some of the results of this interesting survey on our website for your review. We would like to conduct a similar survey to see if the trends have changed at all in recent years. If you would like to help with this project, feel free to contact us!


LDSES has some great new Board members this year!

We’ve added some new members to the Board that are going to make some signification contributions to our organization this year. Many of our new members are spear-heading the projects listed above. In addition, we have voted in a new set of officers to help our organization continue to run smoothly and efficiently:

  • Chair: Peter Ashcroft
  • Vice-Chair: Andy Carman
  • Secretary: Rachel Whipple
  • Executive Secretary: Soren Simonsen
  • Treasurer: Stephanie Goodman-Chica

Our Board has some good chemistry this year and we’re looking forward to accomplishing some great things!


LDSES has learned a lot from 2012 that we can use to make 2013 even better!

Our organization went through some growing pains last year and we plan to possibly make some minor changes to the Bylaws in a future meeting to help prevent similar problems from happening in the future. Additionally, we will be unveiling a new policy for communicating on our blog, Facebook group, and Google group. The Membership Committee will be tasked with moderating these groups and enforcing the policy as needed. It’s our hope that this policy will help our conversations to remain constructive and civil. We also hope to spend a future Board meeting crafting a mission statement so that clearly communicates the purpose and objectives of our organization. We’ll certainly let you know about these changes once they are in place, so stay tuned!

  • Charles_nuckolls says:

    It would be useful if the minutes of the December meeting (so far not posted) and the January meeting could be made available — as, indeed, the by-layws require.  Thank you.