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Green Art Installations: Patterned by Nature

Although I’m not an artist myself, for many years I’ve been fascinated with the potential of art installations to change people’s perceptions of the world. As you might expect, I’m especially intrigued by environmental art installations. Some of them are awe-inspiring and beautiful. Some of are didactic and thought-provoking. Some are funny and surprising. Many of them tell a story that can awaken us to some aspect of our world we hadn’t considered before, making invisible things visible.

I’m going to create a regular feature on this blog about different art installations (or series of works by an individual artist) that all have environmental themes. I hope you will not only enjoy them but that they will spark your imagination.

The first installation I want to share is called “Patterned by Nature.” This installation is on permanent display at the Nature Research Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Check it out:

According to Sosolimited, which created the installation:

The exhibit celebrates our abstraction of nature’s infinite complexity into patterns through the scientific process, and through our perceptions. It brings to light the similarity of patterns in our universe, across all scales of space and time.

10 feet wide and 90 feet in length, this sculptural ribbon winds through the five story atrium of the museum and is made of 3600 tiles of LCD glass. It runs on roughly 75 watts, less power than a laptop computer. Animations are created by independently varying the transparency of each piece of glass.

The content cycles through twenty programs, ranging from clouds to rain drops to colonies of bacteria to flocking birds to geese to cuttlefish skin to pulsating black holes. The animations were created through a combination of algorithmic software modeling of natural phenomena and compositing of actual footage.

Enjoy! I’ll post another one soon!

  • Bart Tippetts says:

    LDSES is doing fantastic work.    Stay tuned there will be an LDS environmetnal acton group coming into being .  We want to work closely  with our fellow stewards.   

  • Brook_Trout says:

    Great idea, Alyssa. I welcome these posts. There was a presentation at the recent symposium at BYU about design from and LDS architect that was quite inspiring.