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Good Friday Birds

Friday, 29 March, 2013

According to scripture, Jesus is the god of nature, and when he died creation itself shook. Before he died, one legend and popular story relates that birds attempted to free him from the cross by prying at the nails in his hands and feet. As a result, the tips of their beaks became permanently crossed,…

Green Art Installations: Air Bear and Other Inflatable Bag Art

Friday, 22 March, 2013

When you live and work in a city over a long period of time, it’s sometimes possible to get so accustomed to seeing a mild amount of litter on the streets that you barely notice it after awhile. But what if one day the street litter suddenly came to life and began to move on…

LDS Belief as Ecologically Harmful

Wednesday, 20 March, 2013

I once read an excellent essay by David Kinsley entitled “Christianity as Ecologically Harmful” with a companion essay entited “Christianity as Ecologically Responsible.” These two essays explore two sides of the same coin. I think this was an excellent exercise in helping readers to understand that a religious tradition provides many principles and doctrines that…

Intro to a Series: The Air We Breathe

Saturday, 16 March, 2013

I grew up in Los Angeles in the 1980’s.  More than a decade after the passage of the Federal Clean Air Act, LA’s worst air pollution days were behind it by the 1980’s, but smog alerts were certainly not uncommon during the hot summer days of my childhood.  It’s not surprising, then, that air pollution…

APRIL Theme idea: Plantings

Friday, 15 March, 2013

There are several good reasons to think about April, in March, and they can all be related to “plantings“. 1.  Most local Conservation Districts finish their Bare-root Tree and Shrub sales by the end of March so that plants can be put in the ground during the first week of April.  Our local Blacksmith Fork…

Sometimes we fail. So we try again.

Wednesday, 13 March, 2013

It’s a good thing that we don’t have to abandon our good intentions when we fail to live up to them. Sometimes we fall short of our ideals. But it does not make us hypocrites to continue to hold those ideals even when confronted with our own failure. It means we tried, and failed, but we can try again.

Green Art Installations: The Reverse Graffiti Project

Friday, 8 March, 2013

The poet Keats once famously said that “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” That statement could definitely apply to the Reverse Graffiti Project, which is the next green art movement I am discussing as part of my green art installation series. The term “graffiti art” is not one that most people think about in positive terms….

March is Emergency Preparedness Month

Sunday, 3 March, 2013

March: LDS Theme: Emergency Preparedness How much can you do without electricity? Or running water? We have long been encouraged to have emergency supplies in place so that in the event of a catastrophic emergency like an earthquake or blizzard we are able to care for ourselves and then our neighbors until we are able…