Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

April Earth Stewardship Theme: Spring Plantings

We all enjoyed Ron’s post last month about his suggestion for our April theme. For that reason, we have decided to go with Ron’s suggestion to make our theme Spring Plantings. I’d recommend reading the original post. It was a really great exploration of this theme.

So this month, take some time to plant some trees, shrubs, or other plants in your yard or community if you can. The best time to plant is usually in the spring or the fall when the weather conditions are ideal for new plants to put down their roots before it gets too hot in the summer.

Going along with this theme, here’s a few ideas for things you can do this month:

  • Take a landscaping or gardening class. If you’re in Utah Valley like me, UVU’s Community Education program is offering a landscape design class this month for $45. It meets on two Tuesday evenings and includes a tour of the Morinda Gardens. Central Utah Gardens also offers some classes around this time.
  • Purchase a book about local flora and fauna in your area and learn some of the names of plants. Go on a hike and see if you can identify any of them.
  • Watch the Oscar-winning animated short The Man Who Planted Trees with your family for Family Home Evening.
  • Volunteer to help your ward’s boy scout group to get one of these merit badges: Plant Science, Nature, Forestry, Insect Study, Gardening, Animal Science, Bird Study, Mammal Study, or Reptile and Amphibian Study.

April 22nd is also Earth Day. LDSES is sponsoring an activity for Earth Day, so mark that date on your calendars. More details will be forthcoming.