Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

Earth Stewards, where are you?

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In the few years since its founding, LDS Earth Stewardship has grown to include members across the United States, in nine countries, and on five continents. That’s a fine start, but only scratching the surface of what we could be. Our Facebook community has grown steadily, but online conversations are an imperfect substitute for in-person gatherings. One of our goals this year is to coax some of of our large Facebook community into becoming members of LDS Earth Stewardship. Joining LDS Earth Stewardship entails answering a few simple questions here, providing information that will allow us to better meet your needs, use your talents, and organize neighborhood events. 

Joining LDS Earth Stewardship is easy, and particularly timely as we head into a summer of picnics, service projects, and public outreach. In honor of Earth Day this year, let us know where you are. Thanks.