Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

The Growing Library of LDS Stewardship and Conservation Resources

lds.org screenshotOver the past three years, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has created a growing online library of resources related to environmental stewardship and conservation topics. These readily accessible tools are valuable in learning about the doctrine, themes and messages from the LDS standards works, reviewing important statements and inspirational messages by Church leaders, highlighting practical means to put faith-based environmental values into action, and teaching and instructing both Church members and those outside of our faith about this important topic.
This past summer, the Church—using video clips provided by Church members across the globe—produced the short but inspiring video, “Our Home.” The video is available on the YouTube Mormon Channel http://youtu.be/cGxYvos1DMw and can also be downloaded to a computer, smartphone or tablet from the official church website above. This video is an excellent supplement to a Family Home Evening discussion, a youth or adult Sunday School lesson, or part of sharing a gospel message through social media.
It is fantastic to see these resources becoming available. As they are used and shared, the library will certainly continue to grow. We encourage your thoughtful feedback, which you can provide through the YouTube and LDS Newsroom sites listed above.