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Low Risk Political Cover for a Religion

Wednesday, 25 February, 2015

In a recent LDS Earth Stewardship (LDSES) survey, 93% of respondents indicated that the most important LDSES program was working with the LDS Church to promote and encourage stewardship. Can LDSES efforts be effective and are they worth it? We recently learned that the Pope is set to issue the first-ever comprehensive Vatican teachings on the…

The Warm In My Heart

Monday, 23 February, 2015

I. I went to lunch with a few scientists. We talked about the weather. “I am scared,” one of them said. “I don’t think we’ll have much snow in Utah anymore. This warm winter is probably the norm here on out. And if we don’t have wet summers we won’t have any water at all.”…

Message from the New Chair, Brigham Daniels

Saturday, 21 February, 2015

I have described myself as a committed environmentalist for more than 20 years. And, while that has not changed, increasingly, I would describe myself more as a committed steward. What’s the difference? It is more a change of perspective rather than priority. I still care about air quality and public health, but as a steward, I now also…

Eternal Suffering

Thursday, 5 February, 2015

  In this short essay I want to ask: Is our destiny suffering? In other words, is suffering a celestial activity? And in asking these questions, I hope to shed light on our stewardship. Reading Job and thinking about the nature of suffering, especially in a discussion informed by theodicy, or the question of how…