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Green Apple Day of Service

GADS-Facebook-Banner-2015The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council is working to make sure every student has an opportunity to attend a school that is healthy, sustainable, and not overcrowded. Better schools create better learning environments and places to practice environmental stewardship and conservation.

LDS Earth Stewardship is partnering with the U.S. Green Building Council on Saturday, September 26, for the Green Apple Day of Service. This annual event is growing internationally as an opportunity to not only work to improve learning environments for kids, but to also raise awareness about how kids can improve their communities as well—by preserving natural areas, conserving resources, and reducing our ecological footprint and overall environmental impact.

This video highlights some of the great work happening through this program:

We encourage members of LDS Earth Stewardship to pick a service project that engages children in improving their school or community by putting environmental stewardship into action. Once you pick a project, visit the Green Apple Day of Service website to register your project. Then, reach out to classmates, neighbors, friends and family to get your whole neighborhood involved.

The project website also has ideas for possible projects—from launching a walk-to-school campaign, to setting up a school recycling program, to planting a community garden. The sky is the limit!

During your Day of Service project, take photos and videos, and share them with LDS Earth Stewardship (lds.earth.stewardship@gmail.com), along with a brief description of your project and its outcome. We’ll pass these along to the US Green Building Council to share on their website and social media, and post them to our own website and social media as well.

Help us grow the next generation of environmental stewards!