Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

Rock Canyon Botany Hike

IMG_1401We had a great turnout for this year’s Annual LDS Earth Stewardship Botany Hike. We saw some familiar faces as well as many new people. We even ran into Ginger Wooley, head of the Rock Canyon Preservation Alliance which has been working for decades to protect Rock Canyon from development. IMG_1397

Dr. Clint Whipple led the group along a portion of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, a short stretch before heading up into the canyon. We saw galls and insects, native plants and invasive species. We smelled, and touched, and even tasted the plants around us, with one notable exception: poison ivy. For those of you who are familiar with eastern varieties of poison ivy, beware: it looks a little different here in the intermountain west.

All in all, it was a beautiful day to walk through the canyon. We had great company and beautiful surroundings.

IMG_1409If you want to check out Rock Canyon with some experts, and don’t want to wait until our next annual hike, plan to come to the Rock Canyon Celebration on Saturday, September 19th.
At 7 a.m., Provo City Mayor John Curtis will lead a hike up Squaw Peak.
From 9-11 a.m., several expert presenters will be along the trail (including LDS Earth Stewardship members Clint Whipple for botany and George Handley for cultural history) to help you learn more about the canyon and to answer questions.