Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

2016 LDS Earth Stewardship Retreat

As announced in our newsletter, members of LDS Earth Stewardship met in Salt Lake City on January 30 to choose officers and make plans for the coming year. Our first order of business was to thank Philip Carlson for his service as our Chair. Philip’s guidance kept us on track in 2015, and we appreciate his good work. Philip is moving to other projects, but we hope to work with him again. Next, the Board voted to appoint Sarah Proctor and Jared Meek to fill vacancies and serve on our Board until the next election.


Eight of ten LDS Earth Stewardship Board members, from left to right: Jared Meek, Michaelann Bradley, Darren Hawkins, Andy Carman, Rachel Whipple, Soren Simonsen, Brigham Daniels, and Peter Ashcroft. Not pictured: Sarah Proctor and George Handley. Credit: Par Rasmussen.

After some discussion, the following officers were appointed unanimously:

Chair – Brigham Daniels
Vice Chair – Darren Hawkins
Executive Secretary – Soren Simonsen
Treasurer – Michaelann Bradley
Secretary – Peter Ashcroft

LDS Earth Stewardship has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past year as our membership has exploded from approximately 180 to almost 400. Over the same period, our Facebook following has grown to more than 1,600, and we have launched a Twitter presence. Our Spring Meeting, (featuring Robert Grow), and our Annual Fall Meeting, (featuring Paul Cox), were highlights of 2015 – each well and enthusiastically attended by our members and visitors.

Members make plans for 2016. Credit: Par Rasmussen.

Members make plans for 2016. Credit: Par Rasmussen.

As we look to 2016, we’re considering a number of projects, including partnering with the Natural History Museum of Utah, bike rides along the Provo River Parkway, and outreach at farmers’ markets. There is even talk of a cleanup service project at Zion or Kolob Canyons, coupled with a hike. At the same time, we plan to improve our coordination with BYU EcoResponse, because our two organizations have the potential to complement each other well.

In short, the retreat was an excellent opportunity for those who attended to build on our momentum from 2015, and lay the groundwork for an even more productive 2016. Thanks to all those who took part.