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LDSES Service project a great success!

A sincere and huge THANK YOU! to all who helped make our April 23rd, 2016 Saturday’s Service project a resounding success.

The rain held off and the Sun stuck its head out during our time at Sandy Beach. There were a total of 29 Volunteers who participated, donating a combined 83 hours and 55 minutes to cleaning up our assigned shoreline! We filled 41 trash bags, which we took to the transfer station in one-and-a-half truckloads in addition to a car bumper, various won’t-fit-in-a-trashbag items, and three car tires. The top three items cleaned up would be 1) nails, 2) empty shotgun shells, and 3) beer containers (some of which were still unopened when they were found ((and remained that way!)) ).

As you can see from these photos, we accomplished a lot and all our Volunteers enjoyed themselves as we did our day-after-Earth Day Service.


It was a little bit cloudy when we first started…


Another load of trash headed our way


A happy crew of Volunteers and part of our trash trove.

Finish Hurrah_16341409

Our first load of trash ready for the transfer station. Note that there was more trash we loaded up later down the beach, but this was all that would fit in the first pickup load.  :o)

We express our great appreciation for all those who helped make this such an unquestionably successful Service project. See you Saturday August 13th for our Utah Lake Sandy Beach Cleanup, Summer edition!