Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

Retreat Signals New Era for LDS Earth Stewardship

20160722_154122 (Retreat)

George elicits additions to our wall of ideas, while our facilitator organizes, and Brigham assesses our progress.

Since its founding, LDS Earth Stewardship has grown through word of mouth and social media to the point that we now have more than 500 members in fifteen countries, thirty three states, and the District of Columbia. That’s tremendous progress, but only the tip of the iceberg. That’s only the beginning of the impact that we can have through our mission, which is to honor the Creator by living and testifying of LDS principles of earth stewardship. That’s a weighty – and daunting – responsibility, but a mission to which we are committed.

20160722_154632 (Retreat)

Our facilitator holds our rapt attention.

While our Board is committed to promoting earth stewardship, we don’t necessarily have the organizational expertise to know how to do that. That’s why we brought in a professional. First, we laid the groundwork for the retreat by polling our members to identify areas on which we should focus. Then, for two full days in July, the Board met under the guidance of a professional facilitator to chart our path forward. We brainstormed, pondered, deliberated, and put our heads together. We ruminated and debated, organized and contemplated. And at the end of two days we had a wall full of good ideas. 

IMG_20160722_153959 (Retreat)

Brigham and George are really into it at this point; progress is rapid and effortless.

In the words of George Handley: “The retreat galvanized us and helped us to take a significant step forward. The future of LDSES has never looked brighter.

Michaelann Bradley expressed a similar outlook: “We have huge dreams about the difference this organization can make. We really can’t wait to start sharing some of these things with you.

Andy Carman agreed: “Personally, I could not have been more pleased with the outcomes of our recent Board retreat–the experience enabled us to really kick the work of LDS Earth Stewardship into high gear.

Perhaps Darren Hawkins summed it up best: “I loved thinking about how to spread the principles of good earth stewardship and am excited that we now really have the ability to do so!

20160722_154814 (Retreat)

Towards the end, we did get a wee bit fatigued…

Expect to see the fruits of our retreat unfold over the coming year as we forge our good ideas into a coherent strategic plan and implement it. One of the first outcomes will be a new website, a more engaging and useful information resource for our readers. In addition, the new website will better support local groups as they are form among our members. Stay tuned for further developments!