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Final Sandy Beach Cleanup Report for 2016


LDS Earth Stewardship volunteers with debris collected on October 8, 2016 Sandy Beach Cleanup.

[Abridged report from Par Rasmusson.]

We completed our third and final Sandy Beach cleanup for the year today, (October 8). We’re pleased to submit our report:

  • We had three Service mornings, on April 23rd, September 10th, and October 8th, 2016.
  • We had Volunteer numbers respectively of 29, 50, and 16, for a total number of Volunteers (some duplicates) of 95, or an average of 31.67 Volunteers each day. Our total hours worked – not counting drive times – were 256.80 hours, or the Service equivalent of 32.1 paid eight-hour days.
  • We didn’t weigh what we took to the South Utah Valley Solid Waste District, but the trash filled four pickup trucks and included 12 tires.

We hope you noticed, as we did, a significant improvement in the cleanliness of the beach area. We took out literally thousands of nails and screws, plus a large assortment of vehicle parts, shotgun shell casings, golf balls, bottles and cans, palettes, and a huge variety of man-made items.

Participating in Utah Lake Commission’s Adopt-A-Shoreline program has been very enjoyable and rewarding. Please contact us about participating next year, perhaps at a shoreline closer to Provo next time.

Thank you for the opportunity to have been of Service on beautiful Utah Lake.

Let’s Do Service!


PLEASE NOTE: We dug up a mostly-buried LARGE tire today, but it was too big to fit in – or on – our truck! We took everything else to the dump but left the tire there near the entrance to the beach and trust you will arrange for pickup. Don’t worry – whoever goes to get it won’t have a hard time finding it!