Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

Earth Stewardship Themes

Each month our organization picks a different earth stewardship theme and provide a variety of blog posts and activities centered around that theme. We also encourage you to hold your own activities and initiatives related to this theme during this month.

The theme for September 2013 is Alienation from nature leads to dissatisfaction.


Physical, hands-on work as remedy to the ennui that is often felt by members of our modern society. We deal so much in abstractions and virtual realities that it is a blessed relief to get our hands on something concrete, to make to do something that we point to physically and say, “I made that.”

Convenience not the only virtue to be taken account in making decisions. Sometimes the approach that requires more of us will be more satisfying. Planning ahead to walk or bike rather than drive, cook from scratch, garden, and preserve food can help you feel better about yourself and happier in your life, even if you only are able to do a few of these things on rare occasions.