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Walking to Zion Challenge: Introduction

Walking to Zion


This summer our Primary will be walking. We will walk to remember the pioneers who traveled the 1,415 miles along the Mormon Trail. We will walk to experience the beauty of the world that surrounds us. We will walk to strengthen our community.

As we walk this summer, we will sing the songs of walking including Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked, I’ll Walk with You, and Teach Me to Walk in the Light.

Our goal is to walk a total of 1,415 miles, each person and family counting up the blocks and miles they travel without the aid of motorized vehicles. In addition to walking, travel done on bikes, strollers, scooters, and so on, will be counted.

We began on June 5, and have been marking our progress on a map in the Primary room. Each week we have a different focus and challenge as we walk together to become a Zion community. You are welcome to use our challenge as you walk this summer, or share it with your ward. Our Primary will earn a water party at the end of the trail. So the kids are motivated by the party, and the rest of the ward is motivated by the thought of helping the Primary. What would motivate you?