Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

Overview of the New By-laws

Over the last couple of months, the Board of Directors has been working hard to turn LDS Earth Stewardship into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. One of the main things we’ve been working on is our organization’s By-laws, which are the rules and regulations that will govern our organization.

We’ve created a brief video overview of the highlights from the By-laws that we’d recommend watching:

If you want to read the full By-laws, you can read them here: Current LDS Earth Stewardship By-laws.

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for an upcoming announcement about how to register as an official member of the organization!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love the idea of focusing the blog on a particular topic each month. I’m looking forward to seeing this organization grow and make a difference in the culture at large.

  • Delsytoth says:

     Its truly a great idea. The organization will grow large and achieve the success by following the right steps.

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