Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

October Theme – Energy Conservation

As October approaches, ushering in cooler temperatures for those of us living in the temperate zones, ENERGY CONSERVATION is our theme for this month.

Consider these 10 energy-saving…..and money-saving…..ideas:

1.  Install window and door weatherstripping.

2.  Install power-outlet foam gaskets and socket plugs for outlets not in use.

3.  Plant deciduous trees along the South and West exposures of your home=shade in Summer and sunlight in Winter.

4.  Start a vegetable compost pile.  1 cubic yard is maximum size.  Start with a mix of dead leaves, green grass clippings, a little garden soil and some water.  Continue to add vegetable table waste, but no meat or dairy products.  Don’t forget to turn it over once per month.  It will continue to decompose during winter and produce free, rich, organic soil for your garden or flowers.

5.  Keep window blinds open on the sunny side of your home/office.  Close them at night.

6.  Make, or purchase, “Turn Off the Lights” stickers to place by light switches in Churches, schools, etc.

7.  Drive the Speed Limit, save fuel and speeding-ticket fines.

8.  Don’t let your car idle for more than one minute.

9.  Walk, bike, or use public transit whenever possible.

10.  Last person taking a shower/bath leave the warm water in the tub to allow the heat to radiate throughout the home.  You already paid for that hot water.  Drain the tub after the water cools.

BONUS – Make sure your furnace has been serviced and the filter replaced.

Also, enjoy the amazing Autumn colors in the temperate zones.

Ron Hellstern