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Announcement about Upcoming LDSES Election

As chair of this year’s Nominations and Elections Committee, I would like to notify you that we will be holding our elections for the the LDSES Board of Directors beginning on Saturday, November 9 and ending the following Saturday, November 16. The election will be conducted by Survey Monkey again this year. If your email address has changed since last year’s election, you will need to contact the LDSES secretary about the change in your contact information. The email address to contact is ldses.membership@gmail.com .

We have assembled a tentative list of 6 nominees for this year’s election, but if you or someone you know is possibly interested in running for the Board of Directors, you should contact me about your interest as soon as possible. I can be reached at sprout.lds.earth.stewardship@gmail.com.

Only registered members of LDSES will be allowed to vote, so make sure that you’ve signed up if you’d like to participate!

Thanks for all your great support for LDSES!

  • Peter says:

    Thanks for posting this. Don’t forget that voting in LDS Earth Stewardship elections is for those who have officially joined the organization. If you haven’t officially joined LDS Earth Stewardship, please do it now. It’s free, easy, and helps the Board better understand the needs of the membership. You can join here: http://ldsearthstewardship.org/join/.