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The Elections for LDSES Board of Directors Has Begun!

We have officially begun our elections for the Board of Directors. The election will run from Saturday, November 9 through Saturday, November 16 and will be conducted on Survey Monkey. If you are a registered member of our organization, you should have received an email earlier today inviting you to cast your vote. If you did not receive an email and you feel that you should have, please contact me at sprout.lds.earth.stewardship@gmail.com for assistance.

For information about the candidates this year, please visit the 2013 LDSES Board of Directors Voter Information Page. (NOTE: In the initial email that was sent out today, it accidentally provided a link to last year’s voter information page. If you click that link, it will still re-direct you to the correct page for this year. Our apologies for the potential confusion.)

FYI, there were 4 individuals last year who opted-out of receiving our emails in last year’s election on Survey Monkey. Unfortunately, Survey Monkey will not allow me to send another email to those 4 individuals. I will contact those individuals personally to let them know who they are and see if they can provide me with an alternative email address if they still want to participate in this year’s election.

We hope that we will have a good participation rate in this year’s election. Make sure you cast your vote!

  • Soren Simonsen says:

    Alyssa – You’ve done an incredible amount of work on the elections, both last year and again this year. Thank you for all of your hard work getting the organization off to a solid start. We will miss you on the board, but I hope you’ll keep contributing to the blog. You rock! – Soren.