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2013 LDSES Election Results

As chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, I’m pleased to announce that all nominees were officially approved by the general membership. Brigham Daniels, Heather Belnap Jensen, Laura Lawrence, and Michaelann Gardner will all join the Board. Peter Ashcroft, Philip Carlson, and Soren Simonsen will retain their seats on the Board.

In accordance with the LDSES By-laws, the Nominations and Elections Committee determined that reasonable measures were taken to ensure that the elections were adequately noticed in advance, that equal opportunities were provided to all members to vote, that voting was limited to members, that all candidates were on the ballot, that candidate statements were publicized, and that the voting was confidential.

The Bylaws required that at least 20 members participated in the election in order for the election to be valid. We had 58 members who participated. With that in mind, the Nominations and Elections Committee has officially certified the election results. The election was conducted on Survey Monkey and you may examine at the full SurveyMonkey – LDSES Election Results if you would like.

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the newly elected and returning Board members!