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Be a Doer of the Word and Not a Hearer Only

Monday, 27 January, 2014

Scriptures don’t always succeed in reaching the hearts of believers. Doctrines and beliefs are, as James once said, like a mirror into which we look and see an image of ourselves. Unless we are willing to go and do as they scriptures direct, then, to paraphrase James, we will go forth not really knowing or…

A Culture of Stewardship

Friday, 24 January, 2014

Earth stewardship has an unfortunate place in our society. On the one hand, it’s a value that most people claim to embrace. One survey of active LDS respondents found that 90 percent of self-identified conservatives and 98 percent of self-identified liberals agreed with the statement that “Stewardship for the earth is a gospel principle.” The…

The Importance of Feedback

Friday, 10 January, 2014

When something is not working, you have two choices: abandon the endeavor or redouble your efforts, perhaps with a new approach. Sometimes the first option is chosen unconsciously; after a time you realize that you’ve let some things drop. I’ve done this, with this blog even. You may have noticed the theme and calendar sidebar…

Asking the Right Questions

Monday, 6 January, 2014

It seems anytime new environmental action is proposed, the main questions that get tossed about in the public discussion are, “How much will this cost?” and “Who will pay for this?”  They’re important questions, certainly, but I do not think they are the most important questions.  I’d much rather we discuss the answers to “What…