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Book Review: Roads in the Wilderness

Saturday, 31 May, 2014

Roads in the Wilderness is a thoughtful and insightful examination of the meaning and significance of roads in southeastern Utah – canyon country. Referencing the earliest non-native explorers,┬áJedediah S.┬áRogers reminds us of the disparate ways that the region has been perceived over more than two centuries: wasteland to be avoided or conquered, resource repository, spiritual…

The Grand Rescue, Guest Post by Blake Thomas

Thursday, 29 May, 2014

We are pleased to share this guest post by LDSES member, Blake Thomas: I was raised in the suburbs of northern Virginia. Frankly, there was nothing that was strikingly unique about my environment or myself. My neighborhood was overrun with identical tract housing and the heat radiating from asphalt scorched my imagination. My weekends were…

Stewardship in Action: George Handley

Wednesday, 14 May, 2014

George Handley Professor of Comparative Studies & Interdisciplinary Humanities Tell us a bit about your personal background. I was born into the church, having pioneer ancestors on both sides of the family, but my conversion and decision to be an active member really didn’t happen until I was 17. I had a pretty typical middle…