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Using a Forest to Build a Bridge

Monday, 30 June, 2014

The terms are “building bridges” and “bridging the gap”.  You hear the terms quite often in attempting to find common ground among groups with diverse viewpoints. Just what constitutes a “gap”?  Can all “gaps” be closed and if a gap is successfully closed, should the “gap” meet in the middle? In the environmental world there…

For the Beauty of the Earth

Wednesday, 25 June, 2014

Despite the scriptures and heritage of the restored gospel, Mormons are not generally considered by themselves or others to be environmentalists. Part of this has to do with American politics and the unfortunate association of environmental concerns with liberal politics. I would prefer to think that conservatives can value conservation, that prudent use and preservation…

Give Me a Minute to Compose Myself

Monday, 2 June, 2014

Most of us who enjoy the great outdoors have a favorite spot we consider our sanctuary. Your spot may be among the cathedral- like trees of a forest.  Perhaps your spot is next to a stream where the sounds of the water melt your troubles away. You may have a favorite fishing spot where an…