Board of Directors and Staff

Our Board of Directors represents the main governing body of the organization.


LDS Earth Stewardship is governed by two types of committees: Standing Committees (which exist on a permanent basis) and Ad Hoc Committees (which exist on a temporary, as-needed basis).

We would love your participation if you would like to volunteer to help serve on these committees. The time commitment is flexible and the length of your service is up to you. You do not necessarily need to live along the Wasatch Front to volunteer. Many meetings are conducted using teleconferencing.

To volunteer for a committee or to learn more about committee service, please email .

Standing Committees

  • Finance – The Finance Committee is responsible for oversight of the organization’s assets. In addition to the physical property and financial transactions, this committee is additionally responsible for human resources.
  • Membership
    • Support broadening and diversifying the global membership of the organization. 
    • Increase stewardship participation and action in local groups. 
    • Provide quality programs in support of the mission. 
    • Foster a meaningful, complimentary, membership experience.
    • Offer membership tiers for more robust engagement..
  • Outreach
    • Share the mission and vision.
    • Show the work being done by LDS Earth Stewardship (and the Church?).
    • Create appealing messages to recruit and support members and volunteers.
    • Tell the fundraising story to existing and potential financial supporters.
    • Provide the graphic needs of the organization.
    • Build connections with institutions.
    • Collaborate with other LDS Earth Stewardship committees.
  • Fundraising - The Fundraising Committee researches, plans, executes and analyzes fund development activities to secure the sustainability of the organization.

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Activities or Initiatives – Occasionally, committees may be created to help spearhead specific activities or initiatives, as directed by the Board of Directors or Executive Director.