Serena Anderson

Executive Director

Serena Anderson is native to the California Central Coast, however she has spent nearly half of her life in the Salt Lake Valley. Her formal education is in Business Administration. Serena's background in non profit leadership and development began as a way to support her childhood mentor who recruited her to his board of directors two decades after they met. Serena attributes her love for non profit work to her early years as a volunteer, while attending college. One of her favorite volunteer roles was with the 2002 Winter Olympics. She has made a career of helping emerging non profits reach their potential. Her first non profit work was with Boys & Girls Clubs, whose mission is youth development. She then worked with a Chamber of Commerce helping to build the chamber and bolster small businesses. Her next post was running a humane society which dealt with rehoming animals and providing training to adopters. Most recently, she was the Executive Director for Cottonwood Canyons Foundation, where she spent nearly five years helping to expand programs supporting stewardship and environmental education in the Cottonwoods. Serena enjoys being in nature and can oftentimes be found wandering silently, taking photos and observing flora and fauna. She lives in the Salt Lake Valley with her husband Rob and has four adult children and four young grandchildren.



You can reach Serena at .