Merikay Smith

Vice Chair of Programs and Development

Merikay Smith is well known locally for her environmental advocacy. She serves on the Board of the Muddy Branch Alliance and volunteers with the Seneca Creek Watershed Partners and has established a thriving chapter of LDSES in the Chesapeake Bay area.

A Master Gardener since 2007, Merikay is current chair of the Montgomery County Master Gardener Speakers Bureau, a group which speaks on sustainable gardening practices to over 100 community groups annually.

Merikay has a 2-acre garden in Darnestown, Maryland, where, with the help of her family she is converting a vast expanse of lawn into a healthier habitat of trees,shrubs, and perennials.

Merikay's goal is to make a positive environmental impact through personal choices — and join with others to share best practices and inspiration.