Annual Fundraiser

November 30, 2021


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Beginning with Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30, 2021) and extending throughout December, we are pleased to showcase our work and ask for your support.

We are an efficiently run nonprofit with onhly one paid staff member. We keep our costs down by utilizing more than 100 volunteers.

Take a look at some of our programs and please support us for an even better 2022.



 We honor the Creator by living and testifying of gospel principles of earth stewardship.



1) Raise $30,000 for programming for 2022

2) Recruit 30 new volunteers to lead, manage programs and tell our story




LDSES Local Groups

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We now have 9 LDSES local groups around the globe, including the USA (6), Germany, Uganda and Ghana. These groups meet to discuss and learn about sustainable practices and resources and how our connection to these resources is discussed in the gospel. Most groups offer in person events and stewardship projects. New groups are continuing to be formed and we expect this to be a huge area of growth in 2022. We would like to sponsor 20 groups by the end of 2022. We need funds for these groups to help with project grants and administrative costs.


 In the Company of Stewards

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Our monthly broadcast features speakers from around the world, who have amazing stories to tell about stewardship. In 2021, we began recording these one hour sessions and offering them on our YouTube channel. Topics from this year included: Sustainable Eating, Lunch Out of Landfills, The Rescued Food Project, Earth Stewardship Callings, Community Gardening, Train Travels and Stewardship and Permaculture: Like Gardens of Eden at Home. We need funds for management of the technology needed and administrative costs to run this program.


 Fall Forum 2021: Dr. Paul Alan Cox

Fall Forum

This celebrated annual forum was held in November and covered a wide range of understanding about the universem our Earth, and the gospel principles associated with caring for the Creation. This video will be available on our YouTube Channel very soon and is a must watch program. We need funding to pay for a/v costs, pre and post production and administrative costs.


 Sacred Places Initiative: 201 Projects in Remembrance of Joseph Smith's First Vision

Before and After

Our challenge was for individuals and groups to go out and complete these projects and report back to us about their inspiration and hard work. We are well underway with this goal, which will continue into 2022. We need funding for project costs and associated administrative costs.