Service Mini-Grants

Par Rasmusson LDS (“Let’s Do Service!”) Mini-grants

Have you wanted to start a community garden with your young women or young men? Is there a site in your ward neighborhood that needs some care? Perhaps you have a family reunion service project in mind? We would love to help facilitate a project that would improve the environment in your local area.

LDS Earth Stewardship is excited to offer the Par Rasmusson LDS (“Let’s Do Service!”) mini-grant. The grant provides $100–$500 for your church, university, or family to clean up a neighborhood, beautify a park, or survey wildlife with an emphasis on discussing the faith-based principles of earth stewardship. There is a simple application process and a requirement to submit photos and stories upon completion of the project.

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Let us tell you a little about Par Rasmusson...

Par Rasmusson (1948–2019) was a member of LDS Earth Stewardship from its founding and later joined our board of directors. Par was passionate about service, especially environmental service. He coordinated numerous projects in places such as Glacier, Zion, Death Valley, Rocky Mountain, and Great Smoky National Parks. He led LDSES in starting our annual Zion National Park service weekend as well as the successful Adopt-A-Shoreline cleanup project at Sandy Beach on Utah Lake in 2016. Par closed his emails with the phrase “Let’s Do Service” and inspired all with his service-focused example. Read more about Par's life here or watch this video about his testimony of earth stewardship.par