Building the team and perfecting systems!

Human Resources - 1 hour per month

As LDS Earth Stewardship is greatly expanding its volunteer force and hiring interns, we would like to find someone with a background in human resources to help us take good care of everyone. There will be many months where you will only need to give a few minutes, but we will need some hours devoted to looking over our plan and assuring good systems are in place. People are what make organizations happen and we think the most important thing we can do is to provde an impactful and fun opportunity for our loving volunteers to make a difference.

Accounting - 2 hours per month

To ensure proper accounting practices, LDS Earth Stewardship needs independent oversight. One CPA will serve the Finance Commttee to verify data and a QuickBooks expert will guide staff to make sure the financial system is being optimized for the most thorough record keeping.

Licensure & Insurance Compliance - 1 hour per month

Managing a business requires a myriad of licenses, insurances and compliance efforts. LDSES is seeking a business professional with non profit experience to keep us comfortably within the lines. It is likely that the 1 hour per month average will be utilized once a yeasr for contract review, competitive bid consideration and advice.

Volunteer Management - 4 hours per month

Volunteers make up the hours of two FTE staff members per year. While that number may seem small, this volunteer workforce consists of 160 individual roles that build our foundation. Two people could not manage the variety of professional services needed for our work. With only one staff member, it would be impossible to manage that many relationships. The Volunteer Management team will advise the Executive Director and the board on how to best work with our volunteers and help to nuance the systems to recruit, manage and train volunteers.

Legal Support - 1 hour per month

Every business needs legal advice from a qualified attorney. LDS Earth Stewardship is not complicated enough to require hiring counsel. However, as we change and reach toward our capacity, there will be a growing need for legal advice. This role can function on 1 hour or less each month, or this volunteer could additionally serve on the Board of Directors and have a more formal role.

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