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In the Company of Stewards - 2 hours per month

In the Company of Stewards is a monthly program that happens online and draws international participants and speakers. Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM Mountain Time. Discussion hearkens back to how a company of pioneers would circle their wagons for the night and gather together for uplifting and constructive conversation. These meetings provide Latter-day Saint earth stewards across the world with community, knowledge, and inspiration to support them on their journey of caring for Creation. Guest speaker presentations are recorded for publication on the LDSES YouTube channel, but the recording stops when the presenter completes their talk and group discussion begins. Member roles include: Host/scheduler, social media marketer, newsletter marketer, techie and archiver. 

Local Group Management - 2 hours per month

LDS Earth Stewardship has begun partnering with members around the world to create local group chapters. Each Local Group requires a signed MOU and agrees to adhere to the policies and practices as expressed through guidelines. Groups are formed for in person and/or virtual activities and may be regional in nature or may be topic based online gatherings open to anyone. There are currently 8 Local Groups: Earth Stewardship East, LDSES Online Book Group, Southern California, Salt Lake Area, New York, Provo, Germany and Uganda. More groups are in the organizational stages worldwide. The purpose of the new Local Group Management team is to work with interested and emerging group leaders as they seek to start or develop their groups. Mentorship and communication skills will be well suited for this oppoprtunity.

Local Groups - Group Leaders - 2 hours per month

Group Leaders are recruited before a group can be established, with a 5 person minimum. Group Leaders will change over time, as the group grows and changes, and all recruitment will be done at the local level or through group discussions if an online group. Group Leaders set the themes of the group based on the interest of their members and determine what kinds of activities or events will be adopted. LDSES has small grants available for Local Groups that have a specific project in mind. Larger grants can be sought for bigger projects and will require coordination between the Group Leaders and LDSES. Group Leaders should be focused on impact, diversity and diplomacy as they carry out activities in their communities.

Resource Library Librarians - 2 hours per month

LDS Earth Stewardship has a robust resource library that is an online comprehensive collection of all the scriptures and quotes from general authorities regarding the creation of the earth and our responsibility over it. This massive library was created in 2018 and needs to be updated to include new references since its completion. Additionally, librarians will find new ways of sharing and presenting the library. Website design suggestions would be welcomed in order to make it a more appealing tool. We also dream of creating an app for the Resource Library that could be at the fingertips of anyone needing these references for a talk, paper, or project for church meetings, institute and FHE lessons. This new opportunity to serve will invite innovation from volunteer librarians.

LDSES Stewardship Projects - 2 hours per month

LDSES would like to foster more stewardship projects and seeks to engage this new volunteer role in securing appropriate projects. Members will consider larger scale projects that require more interactive engagement at a local level. Skills or a background in project management, working with companies and governemntal agencies at all levels will be helpful. Safety minded individuals are invited to the team.

Collaborative Educational Events - 2 hours per month

Help is being sought for this new effort to collaborate with other organizations that work in environmental education and/or gospel teaching. Volunteers should be interested in thinking outside the box to work with people of all faiths and backgrounds. The cause of caring for our resources and the planet as a whole cannot be addressed in an echo chamber. Most people recognize the importance of protecting resources, and yet may approach that care very differently. The goal of this team is to create learning opportunities that coordinate with other groups and focus on how we can agree. The 2 hours per month estimate is not an expectation of a monthly commitment, but rather includes estmated time leading up to and carrying out collaborative events.

Fall Forum Committee - 2 hours per month

Our most well known event, the Fall Forum, is an annual gathering that invites church leaders or notable LDS speakers to address us on a topic of their choice relative to our mission. In 2020, we began recording the event to offer the opportunity for reflection on talks for years to come. Members of this committee will help recruit speakers, plan for outreach before the event and will advise and help with utilizing the material for teaching after the fact. Production experience is helpful but not required. The 2 hours per month estimate is not an expectation of a monthly commitment, but rather includes estmated time leading up to and carrying out the Fall Forum.

Annual Meeting - 1 hour per month

The Annual Meeting is held early each year to update members of LDSES on our goals, vision, accomplishments and to introduce board members and staff. This small committee works to make sure the meeting is accessible, relevant and interesting. Members will discuss and plan for invitations and sharing of the meeting video afterward. Special focus should be made on how to have a two way conversation with members. The 1 hour per month estimate is not an expectation of a monthly commitment, but rather includes estmated time leading up to and carrying out the Annual Meeting.

Leadership Academy, Program Development - 3 hours per month

LDSES has a vision to create a leadership academy to teach the basics through more advanced understandings of how to be better stewards to our environment and resources. The Program Development team will be working on the curriculum and deployment of the program model. Members will not be carrying out the many duties required to complete a program of this complexity. Volunteers will set the vision and goals and will supervise paid interns who will carry out the production. The 3 hours per month estimate is based on expectations of a 9 month production schedule and includes a monthly meeting and work behind the scenes between meetings.

Leadership Academy, Program Management - 3 hours per month

Once the Leadership Academy Program Development team has created a basic structure for the Leadership Academy, this team will be convened to consider program management issues. Implementation, participant relations, activities and communications and measurements will be discussed to assure a good and lasting experience for participants and data supporting program effectiveness. The 3 hours per month estimate is based on several months of ongoing meetings and communications as the program is ready to be launched and reviewed. Monthly time commitments will be lessened after the first program has ended. 

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