Securing funding to support programs and events!

Donor Relations - 4 hours per month

Are you skilled in developing relationships with philanthropists? Do you have the expertise to help frame our work to potential donors? We are seeking three individuals to help us balance our relationships with existing funders and to guide us toward finding new donors. Monthly hours are estimated based on an average for a year. This would likely be 2 hours per month on a regular basis, with additional hours being utilized during strategic planning and review.

Google Ads Manager - 4 hours per month

Non profit organizations are eligible for up to $10,000 per month in ad spending through Google Ads. We are seeking a Google Ads Manager to help us access this amazing benefit. Because our programs are drawing international attention, we would like to increase visibility in support of local groups. Ongoing monthly commitment is likely a 2 hours commitment, but we realize there will be some time spent up front to create a strategy and set a schedule. 

Grant Support - 4 hours per month

We need help with research to find grants that are a match for our programs. We also need help with editing draft proposals. Bonus if you're willing to help write grant applications.

Events - 4 hours per month

We would like to create a small team of three individuals to help us consider and plan events in support of our mission. A signature annual event would provide much needed support for our budget and could bring countless new friends to the table. Monthly time estimates are based on a one year cycle. It is expected that this committee would give 1 hour per month for management and communications and that the rest of the hours would be split up throughout the year when needed. 

Giving Tuesday - 2 hours per month

Giving Tuesday is an annual, internationally marketed campaign in December. This campaign has tremendous potential for fundraising and friendraising if managed properly. We are seeking two volunteers to help with this campaign. Eastimated hours are based on a one year cycle and would vary during busier planning and execution months. We do have a history of participating in this event, so this committee would build on that effort.

Membership Benefits - 2 hours per month

We have a free membership program but have recently added tiered levels with paid memberships. We strive to make sure we are providing value to all of our membership levels. The Membership Benefits team will review benefits and make recommendations to the Membership Committee. This team will connect with members and create a feedback loop to ensure a good customer service experience.

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