Chapa Tu Basura!

Kearl and volunteers show the efforts of their labors Kearl and volunteers show the efforts of their labors Clayton Thomas Kearl @Gr3ngasho
June 05, 2019

While serving his mission in Peru, Clayton Thomas Kearl fell so in love with the culture, language, and people that he decided to live there after graduating from BYU–Hawaii. Sharing his passion for Peru on social media has garnered many thousands of followers who know him as Gr3ngasho. With that influence, he’s chosen to take on an environmental problem that plagues his beloved Peru: littering.

The movement Thomas started is called “Chapa Tu Basura”—an idiomatic phrase meaning "pick up trash." To raise awareness, he is running over 1,500 miles along Peru’s coast and hosting clean-up events along the way. The goal is to inspire people to do their part, big or little, to keep their home country clear of litter.

To follow his trek along the Peruvian coast, watch this video and visit his Instagram account.

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