Family Night on the Jordan River

June 30, 2017

The forecast was for high temperatures, but that didn’t stop over a hundred volunteers from coming and helping in our Family Night on the Jordan River service project on Monday, June 19th.

Working with Erin Mounce of the Jordan River Commission, families and individuals joined teams in either picking up litter or helping to snip and dig the invasive Scotch Thistle. Armed with trash bags, snippers and shovels volunteers first snipped away the flowers, then dug out the tap roots of the thistles – an invasive species that can quickly take over an area if not stopped before it can spread. Our Service that night was in the Big Bend section of the Jordan River near the power station on 90th South in West Jordan UT. Two Young Single Adult Wards from the Salt Lake Pioneer YSA Stake joined us – our thanks to the LeGrand YSA Ward, and special thanks to Lauren Merkley and her Capitol Hill Ward crew who were given the Snipping Warriors Leadership Award for leading our Parking, Traffic, Registration and Refreshment teams.