Can You Spare a Few Hours Per Month?

We stay impactful, sustainable, and responsible, with the help of our devoted volunteers. With 160 volunteer roles, we can leverage $127,000 in donated labor each year. These positions only take a few hours each month. We are grateful to have such talented people helping us keep our costs down. 

There is a Place for You Here

Whatever your skill set or availability, we have something for you. If you have more time to offer, feel free to sign up for more than one role. We will be thankful for your short or long term commitment.


We are accomplishing this work with only one paid staff member.  If you would like to make a difference by sharing your time with us, we would be happy to welcome you to the team. Fill out our volunteer interest form or  email info@ldsearthstewardship.org


Help us get the word out.


Connect and engage.


Help guide our course.


Support our programs.


Help us build and maintain.