Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

Mission Statement

“We honor the Creator by living and testifying of LDS principles of earth stewardship.”

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Purpose of the Organization

LDS Earth Stewardship is a non-profit organization united by the belief that earth stewardship is a gospel principle and gathered for the purpose of exploring and promoting that principle.

Some of the specific purposes are as follows:

  • Increase public awareness and understanding of principles of earth stewardship based on the doctrines, publications, teachings, and history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Publicize, celebrate, and promote exemplary earth stewardship initiatives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, its subsidiaries, and individuals, including initiatives addressing energy efficiency, water conservation, pollution reduction, public health, biological diversity, sustainability, and land use.  C. Develop and disseminate educational materials and information for an LDS audience and for the general public.
  • Partner constructively with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other organizations, individuals, and agencies in the public and private sector to accomplish the Corporation’s purposes.
  • Sponsor activities, service projects, workshops, conferences, contests,  research, and programs that promote understanding and practice of earth stewardship.
  • Engage stakeholders from diverse geographic, cultural, and political backgrounds to address resource and environmental challenges using shared principles of stewardship to identify and implement consensus solutions.
  • Provide supportive community, social, and fellowship opportunities for members of the Corporation and the larger community.

Relationship to the LDS Church

The focus of this group is on the LDS community and theology (otherwise known as Mormonism). The majority of our organization’s leaders and members are members of the LDS church. However, our organization does not have an official affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


The By-laws are the official rules and regulations that govern our organization. Feel free to read our organization’s full By-laws here: LDSES AMENDED BYLAWS .

If you would like, you can watch a quick video overview of the By-laws:

Board of Directors and Officers

The Board of Directors is the main governing body of the organization. They are elected democratically by the general membership every Fall. The members of the Board of Directors for 2017 are (listed alphabetically by first name):

  • Andy Carman
  • Brigham Daniels (Chair)
  • Darren Hawkins (Vice-Chair)
  • George Handley
  • Jared Meek
  • Merikay Smith
  • Michaelann Bradley (Treasurer)
  • Par Rasmusson
  • Peter Ashcroft (Secretary)
  • Soren Simonsen (Executive Secretary)

Board meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at 8:00p.m. MST by conference call. Board meetings are open for all members to attend. Contact lds.earth.stewardship@gmail.com for more information about attending.


LDS Earth Stewardship is governed by two types of committees: Standing Committees (which exist on a permanent basis) and Ad Hoc Committees (which exist on a temporary, as-needed basis).

We could really use volunteers to help serve on these committees, if you’re interested. The time commitment is flexible and the length of your service is up to you. You do not necessarily need to live along the Wasatch Front to volunteer. Many meetings are conducted using Skype teleconferencing.

Standing Committees

  • Finance – The Treasurer (an officer on the Board of Directors) is a member of this committee. This committee is responsible for all the financial affairs of the organization, including fundraising, budgeting and donations.
  • Membership – The Secretary (an officer on the Board of Directors) is a member of this committee. This committee is in charge of increasing the membership of the organization and ensuring the accuracy of membership records. They are also in charge of fostering communication between the members and the Board of Director.
  • Public Outreach – The Vice-Chair (an officer on the Board of Directors) is a member of this committee. This committee will oversee all public communications for the organization in all forms of media. They are also oversee all activities and educational outreach initiatives. For more information about this committee, please read this blog entry: “Public Outreach”

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Board Nominations – This committee will be formed annually for the months of August and September (approximately). They will be in charge of creating the list of nominees for the annual elections for the Board of Directors.
  • Elections – This committee will be formed annually for the months of October and November (approximately). They will be in charge of scheduling, conducting and ensuring the integrity of the annual elections for the Board of Directors.
  • Activities or Initiatives – Occasionally committees may be created to help spearhead specific activities or initiatives, as directed by the Board of Directors.

About the Blog

Through this blog, we hope to provide:

  • Discussions of how our faith in God and LDS doctrines motivates us to care about earth stewardship.
  • Practical applications of the principles of earth stewardship within the homes of church members, within their wards and stakes, and within their larger communities.
  • Spotlights about the good things that are being done by the official LDS church to be more earth-conscious.
  • Discussions about earth stewardship themes in scripture passages and in quotes from past/present church leaders.
  • Materials that will help church members better fulfill their callings (such as lesson plans and activity ideas) and possibly introduce discussions of earth stewardship principles within these contexts.
  • Celebrating the good things that are already being done by individual Mormons that are earth-friendly and/or show an appreciation for nature.
  • Nature photography that helps to inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the world we live in and God’s creations.

We should also note that the LDS Earth Stewardship group does not exist online alone. We regularly meet together along the Wasatch Front to discuss earth stewardship topics and organize community events. If you are interested in becoming a member of our organization, please feel free to read more about how to join our organization today!