Earth Day

April 08, 2020

EarthDayInvitations scheduleThis is a historic year for Earth Day, and we want to help you make the most of it! We have curated seven challenges over the next two weeks intended to help you and your loved ones have a meaningful celebration. Please participate and share with us (via email or social media) what you do!

Here are the resources our LDSES members recommend for making face masks:

AnxiouslyEngaged withGH moreThe culminating event will be a presentation and discussion led by George Handley on Wednesday, April 22 at 7 pm MDT. After hearing his brief presentation, "Anxiously Engaged: How to be a Steward as a Saint," he will lead a discussion so we can learn together about how to wisely and effectively cultivate earth stewardship in Latter-day Saint settings. To tune in, use this Zoom link (or call in using your local number and meeting ID 982.5143.6027). This information is also on the Facebook event, which you can RSVP to here

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One of the other purposes behind our challenges is to draw attention to our Food Fundraiser. Because this year's Earth Day is happening in the midst of a pandemic, we felt inspired to find ways to help those in need by sharing what abundance we have. An important part of our stewardship of the Earth is sharing with others (D&C 104:13-18), and you can offer help in one two ways:

  • If you have money to give, we invite you to donate. Your contributions will support food banks. All of the funds raised will go to helping the less fortunate have food to eat.
  • If you have time and soil to give, we invite you to garden for others. With your family or friends, work together to cultivate an edible garden this season and commit to sharing a portion of your yield with the poor in your area.

Together as stewards, we can help the Lord provide for His children by sharing our abundance. Share what abundance you can offer at this link.



On the Sunday before Earth Day, LDS Earth Stewardship will be sharing a message of earth stewardship as part of a collaborative Multi-Faith Earth Day Service. Tune in to be uplifted by prayer and song in honor of Creation.

When: Sunday, April 19 at 2 pm EST (12 pm MDT)


RSVP to the Facebook event by clicking here.