Planting Mangroves In The Philippines

Planting Mangroves in Philippines

Earlier this year, Latter-day Saint Earth Stewardship started its first chapter in Asia: LDSES Philippines. Since that time, our members in the Philippines have been hard at work planting mangroves.

Members volunteer to help plant mangroves

Mangroves are an essential part of many coastal ecosystems. Mangroves provide a habitat for fish and other marine species. Mangrove trees also filter water, absorb excess nutrients, and sequester carbon. And there’s more—mangrove roots help prevent erosion and stabilize shorelines, providing a natural defense system against the fierce typhoons that often affect the Philippines.

Despite these benefits, mangrove forests across the world are in decline. Thankfully, our LDSES chapter leaders and many others are doing their part to restore this critical habitat.

Volunteer on boat planting Mangroves in the Philippines

In February, LDSES Philippines and members of the Noveleta Ward partnered with the Rotary Club, the Philippine Naval Reserve and many other schools and organizations to plant a thousand mangrove trees in Cavite City, Philippines!

The work of LDSES Philippines is not done yet—another day of planting is scheduled for the Philippines’ National Day of Service this month.

Latter-day Saints planting mangroves in the Phillipines
Members use boats to plant mangroves