Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

Climate Science: What Do We Know and How Do We Know It?

LDS Earth Stewardship is pleased to sponsor an evening discussion of climate science with BYU Prof. Barry Bickmore.  Prof. Bickmore is an accomplished geoscientist and articulate public educator, whose impact was recently highlighted in the Deseret News.  Climate science is often not well understood by the general public, despite relevance to many aspects of modern life, including stewardship for the earth.  Please join us for a stimulating discussion of this vital topic.

We will meet at 6:30 on the evening of October 27, at the cabin of Stirling Adams at 6037 N. Shadyside Road, Provo.  This is in the South Fork of Provo Canyon, 13 minutes from the mouth of Provo Canyon.  (This address shows up in Mapquest.com but not in Google Maps)

Directions to the Cabin

  • From the mouth of Provo Canyon (the N end of Provo’s University Avenue, or the E end of Orem’s 8th North), take Provo Canyon Road (US-189) 5.3 miles
  • At Vivian Park, turn right onto South Fork Rd., proceed 2.2 miles
  • Turn right on to Shadyside Dr. (this is about .5 miles after passing South Fork Park)
  • After taking single-lane asphalt road 150 or so yards to the left (to follow the one-way direction), park in the areas adjacent to the asphalt road).
  • This map provides more details.

Please join us for an educational and entertaining evening.

  • Peter says:

    Just a few more days until the climate science discussion on Thursday.  Should be an excellent learning opportunity, as well as a chance to meet others who are committed to Earth Stewardship.  Bring your friends!