Exploring the gospel principles of earth stewardship

Take Time to Share in the Celebration of Earth Day

Earth from Space

Mormons understand, as much as any enlightened people, the significance of the earth. The earth is God’s creation. The earth contains a web of life, where every living things has a spirit and a divine purpose. The earth, too, has a spirit. It is a living soul.

Jesus Christ walked the earth during his mortal ministry. He cared for the earth and every living thing. When He died, the earth mourned.

The earth is God’s gift to us. He directed us to be stewards of the earth. Our own earthly experience is vital to our eternal progress. He intended for the earth to be beautiful, to gladden our hearts and lift our souls. The earth sustains us. When the earth thrives we thrive, too.

Since 1970, people around the world have gathered on April 22 to celebrate Earth Day. This international movement, recognized in virtually every country around the world, brings us together as a human family to “inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion, and motivate people to action” (http://www.earthday.org).

This year is a remarkable Earth Day celebration. Leaders from over 120 nations are expected to convene in New York to sign the Paris Climate Treaty (see http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-35935756). This event signifies a truly global awareness of the precarious state of the earth, and memorializes the collective commitment of nations to preserve it and replenish it for future generations of humans, and of all living things.

The viability of this treaty is not in its signing. It is embodied in what we do as individuals, His children, brothers and sisters. Every individual can make a difference.

On Earth Day, take time to celebrate His gift to us. Show your love and gratitude for His creation by doing something to care for and replenish the earth, make the earth more beautiful, and inspire others to do the same.

LDS Earth Stewardship has provided numerous resources to spread the Earth Day message. Share the message with a friend. And share your ideas about earth stewardship with us.